A few years ago I thankfully tookover the maintenance for this application from the original author.

In that times it had been a mindfulness bell “only” and I loved its simplicity and wonderful bell sound.

My idea was to create a complete mindfulness app, so I added a meditation timer, some preferences, support for Spanish (thanks to other contributors) and these help pages.

Everything worked fine in the beginning, then mobile vendors and new versions of Android started to optimize battery usage and things got difficult (see power saving or this accepted issue). Furthermore Google frequently added policies and restrictions (in Android) that app developers have to adhere and consider.

Too make a long story short, I’m no longer willing to spend my spare time on these things, it’s to annoying.

However, I still liked the idea of providing a mindfulness app without ads, internet connection and statistics - just a simple meditation timer (with large digits to be readable without glasses if you are guiding a meditation) plus a mindfulness bell.

So, I were looking for a new maintainer. But, sorry, nobody wanted to take over. Therefore I’ve withdrawn MindBell from store and will no longer offer support for it. However, GitHub repository still exists. If you want to, feel free to fork and try a restart.