• Menu entry to send an e-mail with log disabled
  • New maintainer wanted … added to popup dialog


  • SDK target level increased to 29
  • Status notification removed
  • Notification bound to a foreground service is now shown when MindBell is active or meditation is ongoing (this hopefully keeps MindBell alive and overcomes battery optimization issues)


  • Minimum SDK level increased to 21 … due to missing system sounds in emulator with lower levels and a bug in preferences handling in level 16
  • Quick settings tile added for quick mute/unmute and to replace status notification as of Android Oreo (issue #50)
  • Spanish translations contributed on Crowdin added
  • Separate settings option to grant permission READ_PHONE_STATE
  • Sometimes we have to let things go, golden status icon removed
  • New option to suppress reminders if phone is in any (!) do-not-disturb mode (issue #75)
  • Schedule now gets only update when a relevant setting has been changed
  • Internal statistics added to see whether scheduled actions occur on time
  • Actions are now always associated with a notification and executed in foreground
  • Reliably support sounds longer than 10s
  • Code refactoring for better separation of concerns
  • Moved from Java to Kotlin
  • SDK target level increased to 26 because of Google Play (issue #66)


  • New stick-bell sound added
  • New sounds with bell, silence and stick-bell added
  • Duration of system sounds now limited to a quarter of the interval but to fixed 13 s
  • Improved wording due to calling it reminder but ring
  • Status notification now also turns upside down during nighttime
  • Nighttime intervals are now seen as completely active or not depending on the weekday of the beginning of the interval
  • Option ‘Mute with phone’ replaced by ‘Don’t remind if ringtone is muted’ plus ‘Don’t remind if audio is muted’


  • New section ‘Problem solving’ added to settings
  • New option to open FAQ under ‘Problem solving’
  • New option to check battery optimization settings under ‘Problem solving’
  • New option to enable a workaround for distorted sound on some devices under ‘Problem solving’
  • Option to send an e-mail with log moved to ‘Problem solving’
  • New section ‘Sound output’ added to settings
  • New option to choose audio channel under ‘Sound output’
  • New option to use volume control of audio channel or MindBell’s own volume settings under ‘Sound output’
  • Default changed to use audio channel volume instead of MindBell’s own volume settings
  • Request permission READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to allow user created system sounds to be chosen


  • Tap (bell) to ring reintroduced


  • New intro text (issue #57)
  • Tap to ring replaced by a play button
  • Prohibit division by zero when choosing zero interval (which is invalid)
  • Allow to ring on the minute for full hour intervals


  • Hide bell also if sound was suppressed (issue #47)
  • Time to hide the bell without sound and to dismiss ring notification is now 10 s (instead of 15 s)


  • Option to stop meditation mode automatically
  • Zero bells setting replaced by button to start meditation directly
  • Preferences reordered for a better overview
  • When meditating show only button to stop meditation
  • Back button when the bell shows up now returns to previous app (issue #38)


  • Optionally zero bells on meditation beginning
  • Time picker for intervals
  • Fixed period specification issue
  • Optionally dismiss ring notification after a short while
  • Meditation dialog redesigned for better clickability


  • Pause Audio On Sound now defaults to off
  • Keep Screen On now defaults to on
  • Theme added to use colors of dknapps.de


  • Icon with background
  • Fixed landscape layout issues


  • Separate volume setting for bells during meditation
  • Improvements and bugfixes in meditation parameter settings


  • Meditation dialog reorder to reflect calculation order
  • Prophylactic change to address issue #15


  • Meditation timer countdown continues below zero (issue #28)
  • New option to pause other audio sources while playing sound (issue #3)
  • New option to suppress sound while music is playing (issue #3)
  • New option to enable notification when bell rings to make wearables vibrate (issue #25)
  • New option to specify meditation periods of different lengths (issue #29)


  • Switch instead of buttons to activate or deactive the bell


  • Use time pickers for start and end time of activity


  • Fixed chopping off the playing sound after unloading the app (by Android or manually in recently used apps list)


  • Fixed mute-till-feature (has muted effectively erroneously for minutes but for hours)


  • Request needed permission directly on first app startup


  • Meditation timer functionality added (issue #8)
  • Deprecated preference sharing avoided by removal of multi-process operation (issue #24)
  • MindBell can now be muted manually by a button in the status notification (issue #26)
  • Ringing comprises displaying the bell, playing sound and vibrating. Being muted in turn means nothing of all three. Following this logic the bell gets no longer displayed when muted.
  • Status-Icon is now enabled by default, so insufficient permissions warning leads directly to the settings.
  • Tapping the bell now always plays the sound - muted or not - but does not vibrate any more.
  • Several internal refactoring measures


  • Button added to go to battery optimization options
  • Privacy Policy referenced in help dialog


  • Correction of clarification for mute-with-phone option (issue #17)


  • Settings rearranged into groups
  • New option to set timing to regular rather than randomized (issue #1)
  • New option to normalize timing to the minute (issue #22)
  • New option to “ring” the bell without playing a sound (issue #4)
  • New option to choose a notification ringtone (those are not played in a loop) (issue #12)
  • New otion to choose vibration pattern
  • New menu entry to send information by e-mail (issue #20)
  • New intervals (1, 2, 3, 4 and 45 minutes) added (issue #7, issue #23)
  • Vibration is now completely off when off was chosen (issue #10)
  • Bypass implemented for bell not turning over (on some devices) when muting/demuting phone by volume keys or by switching do-not-disturb mode tabs (issue #15)
  • Status icon no longer disappears on updates of MindBell (issue #21)
  • Mute-with-phone option clarified or at least described more precisely (issue #17)
  • Settings chosen from a list are now removed and re-initialized if they contain invalid values
  • New help dialog


  • Fixed scheduling issues by using different AlarmManager methods for higher SDK levels


  • Option to choose previous notification icon added to the settings (brings back golden bowl on some devices)


  • Request permission as required for new permission model (SDK level 23)


  • Reset alarm volume to it’s original value after ringing the bell multiple times (concurrently)


  • Update notification additionally on volume change action (needed for some devices)


  • Added feedback message when clicking bell-on icon
  • Hint added how to ring the bell which in turn shows how to activate the bell
  • Brought weekday abbreviations in order according to locale
  • Show text how to activate the bell longer because text is longer now


  • Package renaming reverted to com.googlecode.mindbell (so MindBell keeps it’s identity)
  • SDK level increased to minimum 16 (and target 23) … due to lack of a test environment


  • Bell no longer rings immediately after leaving settings or after pressing bell button
  • MindBell can now be activated/deactivated additionally by icon in action bar
  • New icons following Material Design (white notification icons) or used from Material Icon Library
  • SDK level increased to (minimum 11 and) target 23


  • Preference added for Lollipop and higher to show notification texts on lock screen


  • Copyright updated in source code


  • IDE moved to Eclipse Mars.2 with Andmore


  • Packages renamed to de.dknapps.mindbell
  • About dialog redesigned to reflect upcoming maintainer change


  • Promo popup reused as migration reminder (to de.dknapps.mindbell)


  • Reset alarm volume to it’s original value after ringing the bell


  • MindBell activation can be restricted to selected weekdays
  • SDK level increased to minimum 11 (and target 17)


  • Hidden menu issues fixed
  • SDK level increased to minimum 10 and target 17